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Block Craft Afternoon Tea Block Printing Set

Indian wooden block printing set- afternoon tea designs

You may not have seen already but we are starting to add to the website a whole mixture of Block Printing Set’s which are available to purchase, we have sets ranging from mixtures of Paisleys to Trees & Leaves to Hedgehogs- so hopefully there is something there for everybody! These are a fantastic way to build up your selection of blocks with coordinating designs, or to buy as a wonderful gift for someone.

Each fortnight we will be focusing on a different block printing set and showing you what you can make & create with it! The Block Printing set will also be on special offer for 2 weeks at super discounted price!

The first set we are looking at is the Afternoon Tea Block Printing Set which is made up of 6 different Indian wooden printing blocks! The selection of blocks really is aimed at using them for printing Tea Towels & kitchen fabric with, but are also versatile enough that you can explore using them in different ways!

This set is on special offer for a short period at only £39.00, the set is actually worth £55.50! Click here to purchase this amazing printing set!

(We used the block printing set in our project video- click here to watch!)

The photograph of the Tea Towel below is one we printed using the whole of the Afternoon Tea Block Printing Set, it’s so easy to create a wonderful hand printed item with a selection of different blocks and colours, Please scroll down to see our step-by-step guide of how to print your own Afternoon Tea Tea Towel!   Or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what other printing we have been doing with the printing set.

Block Printed Tea Towel using Afternoon Tea Printing Set

Block Printed Tea Towel using Afternoon Tea Printing Set


How to print your own Afternoon Tea Tea Towel

Equipment for block Printing Project

1. Printing Equipment- what you will need





Block Printing Paint tray

2. Getting yourself ready

Pour your fabric paint onto your paint tray, leave space between each of your colours so they don’t mix

Each colour should have its own sponge






Afternoon tea wooden printing blocks

3. Practice Printing

Lay your printing blocks out ready, mine are colour stained as I have used them before. If you are using brand new printing blocks ensure you do some test printing first on scrap fabric or paper as the blocks need to absorb a tiny bit of the paint, your first prints are never your best.

Even if your printing blocks aren’t brand new, it’s always a good idea to do a few practice prints first!





Blank Tea Towel

4. Always print on the foam board

It’s not a very well known fact that you must ALWAYS have something soft underneath you when you print to ensure you always get a good print result, because the blocks aren’t always flat you need to be able to give them a good wiggle when printing, so a foam board or old towel will allow you to do that.

Lay your Tea Towel out on your foam board, and remember to move the foam board down the Tea Towel as you love with your printing.




fabric block printing

5. Adding the paint

Dip your sponge in the paint colour of your choice, tap of any excess paint from your sponge so you don’t have any big blobs of paint on your sponge the paint all over the block, turn upside down and firmly push down

Slowly try and rock the block to make sure all the edges have been printed- being careful not to twist the block as this will smudge the paint!





Indian wooden block printed fabric

6. Continuing to print

With a design like this it’s much easy to print with the same block and colour several times, this way its much quicker to build up your design.

Start with you biggest printing block first, this way when you build up the design you can fit the small blocks in the left over space,

It’s rather hard to fit a large block into a small space!




Indian Wooden Block printing

7. Bit more printing

You can use whichever blocks you want, in any order! The brilliance of the set is that all the designs are really versatile, and don’t need to go in any order.

Have a play around with the order in which you use them in and where about you place them, when printing a design like this you don’t know what it’s going to look like until the end, but keep printing- it’s going to look FAB!
8. Adding the Stars & Flowers 

Once finished printing with the Jugs & Teapots I like to use smaller simple designs like the Star & Flower to start filing in the white spaces. With my Tea Towel I decided to leave white space and not
fill all of it in- this way it doesn’t look too busy!

indian fabric block printingIndian Wooden Block printing

Once you’re happy with your design leave your fabric to dry! Don’t forget to set the fabric paint by either ironing or tumble drying  your item, once you have done this you’re finished!

 Take a look at the photographs below which show how else we have been using the Afternoon Tea Printing set:


Hand indian block printed tea towel

Block Printed Tea Towel using ‘Small Dotty Heart’ in Turquoise

Hand block printed Tea Towel

Hand block printed Tea Towel- Blue Starry Teapots

Indian wooden block printed fabric

Indian wooden block printed fabric

Block Printed Tea Towel

Block Printed Tea Towel

Indian wooden block printed tea towel

Indian wooden block printed tea towel

Indian Block Printed Jug Tea Towel

Indian Block Printed Jug Tea Towel