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Block Craft Printing Project – Print Your Own Tote Bags!

Block Printed Tote Bag

This month’s printing project is printing your own Tote Bags, they are so much fun to print for yourself, or make the perfect presents to print for friends & family! Especially since we now have to pay for plastic bags, why not print your own funky ones! I had so much fun printing samples for this Printing Project (as all our sample Tote Bags seem to have gone walk-about!)  I just didn’t want to stop, I think all my friends will be getting hand printed Tote Bags this year for Christmas!

The fantastic thing about hand printing is you can personalise your creation with certain colours and designs to match who you will be giving it too, anyway you can’t really go wrong- who doesn’t love a handmade gift?

To print your own Tote Bags you will need:

Don’t forget to use Fabric Paint so your fabulous creation is washable! Normally our calico Tote Bags are £3.50 each, but you can now purchase 4 FOR £10 as a special offer for the next month! Head to our Block Printing Blanks page to see this offer & other materials we have available!

*MAKERS TOP TIP* – When you print a bag or anything double sided always put something in between the 2 layers so the paint doesn’t go through to the other side, when we block print tote bags we always put the foam matt inside the bag! *

We haven’t put together a video or a step by step guide as there really isn’t a right or wrong way to print Tote Bags, but check out all our photos below of what types of bags we have been printing.. Hopefully you feel inspired to print your own Tote Bags!



Printed using the Large Stylish Bird and a Small Star onto our new Large Gusset Tote Bag, using a whole range of bright Fabric paint colours! The Tote Bag looked a bit dull once we had finished printing the front and back of the bag, but the addition of the stars to the gusset and the handle just brings the whole bag to life!! By sponging the body of the bird one colour, and the tail the other we were able to make this bag so funky and colourful!

(Colours used Turquoise, Lavender, Red, Kiwi Green, Grass Green, Pink, Orange, Duck Egg Blue and Mustard)



Campervan Printed Tote Bag 




Small Natural Calico Block Printed Tote Bag, using the ‘Mixed Set’ of Indian Printing blocks which is available for only £30.00 for 8 designs (we couldn’t quite fit all 8 designs on one side!) We think it looks really effective using a whole mixture of designs in rows, it might look really straight but it’s all done just by eye, once you have printed your first row it’s easy just to follow on!

Hand Block Printed Tote Bag


Hand Block Printed Tote Bag


Elephant Printed Bag

Hand Block Printed Elephant Tote Bag

Hand Block Printed Elephant Tote Bag


Here’s a few fabulous Tote Bag creations from various Block Printing Workshops …


Block Printed Tote Bag Block Printed Tote Bag
Block Printed Tote Bag Block Printed Tote Bag
Block Printed Tote Bag Block Printed Tote Bag