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Block Craft Project- Indian Block Print Your Own Tea Towels

Hand Indian Block Printed Fabric Tea Towels


So if you haven’t already had a go at this either at home or on one of our workshops, hand printing your own Tea Towels with Indian Wooden Printing Blocks is such a fabulous, fun and therapeutic project!  There are so many creative ways to use your printing blocks, and printing your own Tea Towels is just such a quick, easy and rewarding project for yourself, I really like to print them as gifts for Christmas & Birthdays and its great because you can personalise them to the person you will be giving it to by choice of colours and designs!

I had a clean out not so long ago and threw out all my old boring tea towels and filled my draw with unique and funky new ones, I have built up quite a collection as we are always printing tea towels as our samples when we are at shows & events, so I admit I may have had a slight head start- but this doesn’t mean you can’t do the same! Printing your own tea towels give you the freedom to choose your own colours and designs and create something that you just couldn’t buy in any shop!

All you need to print your own Tea Towels is:


Please be aware the video is a bit hap hazard! Maggie who was filming seemed to record everything she wasn’t meant to and at the point when she was meant to press the record button she switched the recording off! (Please stick with it, this is all a bit new for us!) But we have managed to somehow create a video, so hopefully it makes sense!

Hope you have enjoyed our first video and it has inspired you to print your own Tea Towels!