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5 New Tea Towel Designs

Posted on June 2, 2021 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

New Block Printed Tea Towels

We’ve been busy in our Studio getting ready for our 2021 Shows & Events playing around with new designs and printing a selection of new samples! Here’s 5 new Tea Towel designs which we hope will inspire your next Block Printed Creation



Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

Posted on April 17, 2020 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Sea Life & Nautical Printed Fabrics

Printing Project Week 3: A variety of Block Printed creations, using a mixture of designs from our Sea Life & Nautical collection! Our online tutorial video can be found at the bottom of the page and works through a variety of techniques we used to print the samples below!

Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

At first, we wondered whether Seaside Tea Towels would work, but we think they are wonderfully cheery and perfect for brightening up the Kitchen!

A Tea Towel like these should be in every Beach Hut or house by the coast, don’t you think!?

The Tea Towel on the left was printed using our ‘Sea life Block Printing Set’ and our set of Sea Life Fabric Paints, in a totally random design. The Tea Towel on the right was printed using just 5 designs from our Sea Life & Nautical Range in Duck Egg, Mustard, Primary Blue and Red Fabric paint, this was printed by layering/ printing the different designs on top of each other.

Border & Octopus Tea Towel

A popular sample of ours at shows has been using the Octopus design to create a repeat pattern, as the block is square it works perfectly for this. We thought we would try something a little different and add a border to the Tea Towel designs, here’s a step by step showing you how we created the design above!

Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

First, we used a small Dot block to make a border all around the Tea Towel, then again with the Small Shell design, creating the two-print border. Then in the middle of the Tea Towel we repeat printed the Octopus block until the entire middle was filled in! Fun to use small designs to create a border!


Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

If you don’t have any plain Cushion Covers at home, another great option is Pillowcases! We all seem to have spare of those in the cupboard we don’t use, it’s great fun for children to print their own pillowcase which they can use on their bed if printed in a fabric paint!

Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

If you don’t have any plain pillowcases we picked up a pack of 2 from Tesco’s for £4.00


A couple of important things to remember when printing Cushions or Pillowcases always iron them first to remove any creases as these can cause you problems when printing, and put a piece of paper in between the two layers of fabric so no paint leaks through to the other side!

We wanted to create an underwater theme and thought our ‘Maxi Bag’ would be great for this! We used the blocks to create an underwater scene, using a large variety of colours and designs with a layering technique at the bottom.

Printed using our ‘Sealife Block Printing Set £113.20’ and set of ‘Sea Life’ Fabric Paints £25.00

Other small items we loved printing were our ‘Medium Flat Zip Purse £4.50’ and ‘Small Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag £4.50’ both printed in different techniques which came out great, these would make lovely hand printed gifts!



This is now the 3rd week of our online printing projects, this week’s focus is showing the various techniques we used to print the samples above. You may already have a selection of the designs we have used or if you would like to get a set, we have a huge range to choose from online!




Fabric Paint Set- Sea Life

Fabric Paint Set- Sea Life £25.00


Indian Wooden Block Printing Set- Under The Sea £41.50

Indian Block Printing Set - Seaside

Indian Block Printing Set – Seaside £18.50




























Online Video Tutorial- Meadow & Bee Hive Design

Posted on April 3, 2020 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Video Tutorial- Meadow & Bee Hive Design

Join in with our 6 weeks of Block Printing online Workshops, the first of our Video Tutorials is how to print our gorgeous Meadow & Bee Hive Tea Towel Design! This video talks you through the equipment & material you need, how to practice & perfect the design and then moves on to show you step by step how we print the Tea Towel.

The materials used for this project are listed at the bottom of this page, if you don’t have them and would like to join in with this tutorial please place an order for the materials you need and we will get them sent out to you, we are still dispatching online orders with 1st class Royal Mail. This design is also totally adaptable, so if you have similar designs at home have a go at this layout!

This video is 20 minutes long, so make yourself a hot drink and get comfy!

Youtube Online Video Tutorial

Please click on the Video picture above to head to our YouTube Channel where you can watch this video tutorial, along with lots more videos to check out!


As mentioned in the video tutorial, this designs works great in a variety of different colours! The 4 pictures below are all the same designs just using different colours, have a look to see which colourway you like the most, the paints used are written below!

Left- Tea Towel printed in Blues, fabric paints used: Midnight Blue, Indian Aqua & Indian Yellow Fabric Paint onto white cotton Tea Towel

Right- Tea Towel print in Pastel Tones, fabric paints used: Sage Green, Mustard, Rose & Duck Egg Blue onto white cotton Tea Towel


Left- Organic cotton Tea Towel from video, printed in Indian Yellow, Midnight Blue, Khaki & Violet Fabric Paints

Right- White cotton Tea Towel printed in Indian Yellow, Sage Green, Khaki & Raspberry Fabric Paint






Indian Block Printing Set - Meadow Scene

Indian Block Printing Set – Meadow Scene

Pack of 5 Organic Cotton Tea Towels

Pack of 5 Organic Cotton Tea Towels

Fabric Paints for Block Printing

Fabric Paints for Block Printing


Easter Printing Projects

Posted on April 3, 2020 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Easter Block Printing Projects

A couple of really easy, fun creative projects you can do this Easter! Great fun for all ages & abilities of Block Printing! Projects are all adaptable to suit the Blocks & Paints you have at home.

Easter Printing Projects Easter Printing Projects products-used

Indian Wooden Printing Blocks

Chicken Block Set £22.50

Indian Block Printing Set- Hare's and Seed Heads

Hare’s and Seed Heads Printing Set £37.50

Indian Block Printing Set - Meadow Scene

Meadow Scene Block Printing Set £38.50

Pack of 5 Organic Cotton Tea Towels

Pack of 5 Blank Tea Towels

Fabric Paints for Block Printing

Fabric Paints 3 for £10.00

Pack of 5 White Cards with Envelopes

Pack of 5 White Cards with Envelopes £1.00




Printing Drawstring Bags

Posted on October 22, 2018 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Hand Block Print Your Own Fabric Gift Bags

Looking for something to Block Print? Why not try hand printing your own Drawstring Bags! We have a range of 5 different size blank Calico Drawstring bags available to purchase on our website under ‘Block Craft Fabric Blanks’. There’re so many ways you can use and print these bags, we wanted to show you just a few of the ideas we had…

Personalised Large Drawstring Bags

Personalised Indian Block Printed Fabric Wash Bags

For these personalised block printed bags we used the Large 26x35cm Drawstring Bag which is a great size to be used as a Toy Bag, Small Clothes bag or the perfect Shoe Bag! Making great presents for Children as you can personalise with a name, funky pattern and favourite colours!

These would also make great present for adults, make them a bit more grown up by swapping the design for something more detailed. Drawstring bags make great storage bags, I’ve been thinking about making one for a friend as a knitting bag! Or make yourself one to keep all your Indian Printing Blocks in!

We also sell an Extra-Large Drawstring Bag which would make a great Laundry Bag!


Jewelry or Keepsake Gift Bags

Perfect bag for a little present or to keep your special Jewellery in. These look great with just one print in the middle, and you can even personalise with a letter in the corner to make it that extra bit special!


 Medium Drawstring Bags

This is one of our favourite drawstring bag samples that we did, the medium Detailed Bee block printed in Glorious Gold SoSoft fabric paint looks fabulous! It’s such a popular design we knew this would be a really popular way to use it, who wouldn’t love a beautiful bee bag!


Another idea for the Medium Drawstring bag is to use it as a wash/ make-up bag. If printed with fabric paint it can be washed whenever you want, so you don’t need to worry about it getting a little dirty. On this Jellyfish wash bag, we printed with two colours which were Brilliant Blue and Duck-Egg Blue Fabric paint, love the mixing of the two colours! Great to make for yourself or as a present!

Hand printed Jellyfish Washbag


Christmas Bags

Lots of ideas on how to use block printed Drawstring bags this Christmas, here in the office we always make each other a handmade gift and these would make great bags to put all those little present’s in! A great use of our largest size drawstring bag would be to print your family a Christmas Stocking each, you could even personalise with their name!


Small Drawstring Bag

More lovely block printed bags this time onto the Small Drawstring bag!

These could also look really lovely with hand embroidery over the top to embellish the prints a little, and add a bit of extra detail. Great size to package a small present in or to use as a small storage bag.











*PRINTERS TIP* – If your foam mat is too big to put inside the drawstring bag make sure you put a piece of paper or card inside the opening so the paint doesn’t go through to the other side, but still keep the mat underneath you so you’re still printing onto a soft surface!

We hope this has inspired you to try printing your own Drawstring bags, you can find the full range of sizes available to purchase under ‘Block Craft Fabric Blanks’ along with lots of other ready made fabric items for you to Block Print.

Click here to head to head to the right page…!

Ideas For Mother’s Day

Posted on March 5, 2018 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Why not create something really special this Mother’s Day, and block print something that will be kept forever! It doesn’t just have to be just for your own mum, why not share the love this Mother’s Day and make something wonderful for your Grandma’s, Sister’s, Auntie’s, Step-Mum or for a friend who is just a wonderful Mum!!

Beautiful florals & colourful leaves have been our theme for this Mother’s Day and we are loving the mix of colours & designs

Block Printed Mothers Day Cards

It’s the perfect time to let the important women in our lives know how much we love and appreciate them, because it’s easy to forget to tell them… and the perfect excuse to do some beautiful Block Printing!

This style of printing really is really very fun and requires no skill, it’s easy enough for everyone to have a go at and we have plenty of tips to help you along the way! We’ve been busy printing Napkins, Cards & Tea Towels hoping to inspire each of you beautiful crafters to get your paint out and start printing!












Want to learn more about how we created these fabulous Block Printed items? Keep reading and we will walk you through each step


What you will need:                                                       

  • Foam Printing Matt
  • Paint Tray
  • Fabric Paint & Sponges
  • Material & Paper to print on
  • Mixture of Printing Blocks




Choosing Paint Colours…

Firstly, we wanted to find a mix of lovely spring colours, pastel tones but also wanted bright colours to make the printing really pop! So, we played around for a while and decided on a mix of 8 colours. Throughout the various printing we did we may only use a couple of colours at a time, you don’t have to use them all together! But having a good mix of colours really helps when your printing with an assortment of designs!


This mix of 8 colours is a complete set called ‘Spring Colours’ which you can now purchase for £20.00 (find this set under Fabric Paints or by CLICKING HERE)



Choosing Printing Blocks


For this Mother’s Day we wanted a nice mix of Flowers & Leaves, but you could use any designs you have at home, Seed Heads would also be pretty with this style of printing! You can use as many or as few blocks as you have / want to use, sometimes is nice to have a big mixture of designs but this can give your block printed item a very ‘busy’ look … so you can keep it a bit cleaner by using fewer designs!

You’ll see in the printing below we have tried out a few different styles, one uses quite a few designs, whereas another uses less- so don’t worry if you only have a couple of printing blocks you don’t need to suddenly purchase loads more

(but we don’t mind if you do!)


Playing with different patterns & styles

We always like to play around practicing designs first on scrap fabric (you can always embroider this fabric after or cut the prints out and stick them onto card!) Find yourself any old fabric or even cheap paper so you can have a play and see what designs & colours you like!


First design we tried was one using lots of printing blocks & different colours, you can see a few step by step photos of how we built up this design.


With this style of printing we find it best to start from one corner, and build the pattern up from there, filling in any spaces with smaller blocks and trying not to put the same colour too close together! It can take a while because you keep swapping blocks and changing colours, but it gives you such a fabulous over-all look we don’t really mind!


Here is something a bit simpler only using 4 blocks and 3 colours! First start by printing the biggest block several times, and then you fill in the gaps with the smaller blocks. You can see below how the pattern builds up!



Now this is a design we stole from a customer of ours as we loved it SO much! A lovely lady printed a jug full of flowers on one of our workshops and we fell in love with the idea! You can see a couple of variations of the design below, some using several different flowers & leaves to build up the design, and one piece just using one flower and a couple of colours! It’s such a clever idea and easy to do, we think children would love to print this design as you can make it as crazy and as colourful as you want!



Here’s a few step by step photos to show you how we built up the design using lots of assorted colours and blocks! It would be a lovely design to print onto some good quality card and frame to have on display!


Printing the design onto Cards & Envelopes

Oh my Gosh! Just look at these cards! Don’t they look fabulous….



We don’t sell plain white cards, so I took a quick trip to a local craft and brought a pack of 50 plain white cards & envelopes! With the colours that we are using here I thought they would show up much better on white paper than on brown, but if you’re using darker colours brown or coloured cards would be perfect!



Have a go printing your design exactly the same but onto your cards, don’t forget to print the envelopes too as they look so much more interesting!




We are so happy with the finished cards, we just want to print them for everyone! It’s a fabulous design using an assortment of designs and colours which all work well together, and not just for Mother’s Day, these would make lovely Birthday & Thank You cards!

Adding Text..

It’s really lovely to print something for someone special this Mother’s Day but why not make your item even more special buy personalising it with text? We have a new smaller Alphabet set in stock which is £35.00 which is what we have used on the cards and fabric (you can find this and our larger alphabet set available to purchase in the ‘Alphabet & Text Blocks’ category on the ‘Wooden Printing Blocks’ homepage)


We did try something a little different which we hadn’t done before… a bit of brush lettering! Which we really enjoyed and loved the results! So, if you don’t have an alphabet set why not find a paint brush and paint your wording on! We had a practice first and then wrote the text onto the fabric first with pencil which I just went over with the paint! It’s quite hard to get perfect so it’s a bit more of a rustic look but we really like that!


Bringing Everything Together…

Here are our finished items for and we LOVE them! Hope you’ve been inspired to make something this Mother’s Day or given you ideas for your next Block Printing Project

Block Printed Mothers Day Cards








Most Popular Designs of 2017

Posted on October 23, 2017 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Leaping Hare Block Printed Cotton Napkin
We’ve put together an inspiration look book for you of our most popular & favourite designs of 2017, these are designs that we absolutely love to print with, and want to share with everyone! Have a scroll and view some of our samples and see for yourself just how FANTASTIC they are,
We have a exclusive offer for you since we always sell out of these designs before Christmas we are giving you a head start to get them for yourself, with a 10% Discount off all 22 designs in our new ‘most popular of 2017’ category!

This offer will only last until the 13th November or till they sell out, so don’t wait!

CLICK HERE or on any of the images below to head to our new

‘Most Popular of 2017’

category and see the full range of designs which have a special 10% discount!


Set of 3 Chickens £22.50/ Now £20.25

Block Printed Chicken Tea Towel

Block Printed Chicken Tea Towel

Block Printed Chicken Tea Towel

Block Printed Chicken Tea Towel

Indian Wooden Printing Blocks

Indian Wooden Printing Blocks

Set of 3 Chickens
How funky are these new designs, they have totally been flying (no literally) off the stand since we got them! Lots of chicken Tea Towels are going to be printed this year for Christmas!

 Running Fox £10.00 / Now £9.00

Indian Wooden Printing Blocks - Fox

Indian Wooden Printing Blocks – Fox

Fox Printed Wrapping Paper

Fox Printed Wrapping Paper

Block Printed Fox & Leaves Tea Towel

Block Printed Fox & Leaves Tea Towel

Block Printed Fox & Leaves Tea Towel

Block Printed Fox & Leaves Tea Towel

Our lovely Running Fox – has been a firm favourite this year, we can’t stop printing Fox & Leaves Tea Towels! I think there may be a lot of Foxy Tea Towels given this year for Christmas! Love the mix of earthy colours (we’ve been using Terracotta, Olive Green & Olive Brown Fabric Paint) Also the Fox Wrapping Paper is very stylish!

Large Seed Head Repeat £15.00/ Now £13.50

Large Seed Head Repeat

Large Seed Head Repeat

Large Seed Head Repeat

Large Seed Head Repeat

Indian Block Printed Scarf

Indian Block Printed Scarf

Seed Head Repeat Tea Towel

Seed Head Repeat Tea Towel

Large Seed Head Repeat Pattern £15.00 One of our favourite large repeat designs, which can be used repeatedly to create an intricate pattern, or print on the front of a card for a beautiful seed head design (Great for adding embellishment to, hand embroider over the top of your print for fantastic detail effects!)

Large Funky Bird £10.00/ Now £9.00

Indian Printing Block- Large Funky Bird

Indian Printing Block- Large Funky Bird

 Large Funky Bird – One of our most popular blocks for using 2 colours on, he looks magical with a different colour body & tail! This Tote Bag design has been SO popular with a mixture of bright colours- I’m sure he would also look fab on a card!

Large Bold Spring Tree £15.00/ Now £13.50

Our most popular Tree design, also part of our Tree’s & Leaves Printing Set! Would make a fantastic tree for Christmas if printed with Gold or Silver!
  Block craft Indian wooden printing block- spring tree bold

Sitting Hare £10.00/ Now £9.00

Block Printed Hare Wrapping Paper

Block Printed Hare Wrapping Paper

Sitting Hare Tea Towel

Sitting Hare Tea Towel

Hand Block Printed Gift Tag

Hand Block Printed Gift Tag

Block craft Indian wooden printing block- sitting hare

Indian Wooden Printing Block- Sitting Hare £10.00

 Our Sitting Hare is a design that never stays in stock for long, as one of the most stylish animals at the moment, he’s always in demand! Hare Wrapping paper is our all-time favourite and never goes out of fashion and our Hare Tea Towels are always loved by all, it’s a fantastic alternative to the normal boring Christmas Wrapping Paper you buy from the shop!

Leaping Hare £10.00/ Now £9.00

Leaping Hare & Seed Head Tea Towel

Leaping Hare & Seed Head Tea Towel

Leaping Hare Wrapping Paper

Leaping Hare Wrapping Paper


Indian Printing Block Leaping Hare


Leaping Hare – Looks fantastic jumping through an array of Seed Heads, and very striking alternative wrapping paper (especially printed in Black!) It’s a design which should be part of everyone’s Block Printing collection!

Meadow Block £15.00/ Now £13.50

Meadow Design Tea Towel

Meadow Design Tea Towel

Indian Wooden Printing Block- Meadow Design

Indian Wooden Printing Block- Meadow Design

Meadow – Use on the front of a card, or all over as a repeat design it can’t look anything but PERFECT! The detail in this design is just exquisite and catches everyone’s eye!

Set of Seed Heads £43.00/ Now £38.50

Indian Block Printing Set- Seed Heads

Indian Block Printing Set- Seed Heads

Seed Head Block Printed Tea Towel

Seed Head Block Printed Tea Towel

 Set of Seed Heads- This set has a great mix of Seed Heads, which work really well together or as individuals! Very simple to use all in one colour but looks so effective! Love combining the Seed Head Set & a Leaping Hare for a Meadow Tea Towel!


Standing Birds & Flower Tea Towel

Standing Birds & Flower Tea Towel

Block Printed Bee Tea Towel

Block Printed Bee Tea Towel

Cow Parsley Block Printed Fabric

Cow Parsley Block Printed Fabric

Block Printed Dragonfly Fabric

Block Printed Dragonfly Fabric

Block Printed Fabric

Block Printed Fabric

Indian Block Printed Fabric - Triple Dandelion

Indian Block Printed Fabric – Triple Dandelion


Block Craft- Funky Fruits Printing Set

Posted on July 14, 2016 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Indian wooden block printing set- funky fruits

The featured Block Printing Set this fortnight is our Funky Fruits set!  This wonderful kit contains a mixture of 4 fruity wooden printing blocks, the set is normally for sale on our website for £39.00 but for the NEXT MONTH (while stock lasts) starting from the 18/07/16 to the 18/08/16 you can purchase this kit for only £34.00 despite being worth £49.00 if you brought all the designs separately! (Don’t miss this fantastic deal!!)

Our new Funky Fruits set is an excellent addition to anyone’s Wooden Block Printing collection! You may already have several blocks from this set, but don’t worry all 4 designs can be purchased separately, and can be found in the ‘Afternoon Tea’ Block category!

Please click here to see this fantastic kit and others that we have available

Hand Printed Flowery Apple Tea Towel


Hand Block Printed Pineapple Tea Towel


Strawberry Block Printed Tea Towel


Hand Block Printed Tea Towel


Really love this set of 4 kitchen Tea Towels printed using the 4 blocks from the set. These were really inspired by Susy Jacks Tea Towel designs, which I saw on Pinterest a year or so ago! I love the non-alignment of the printing and how it doesn’t have to be kept in rows, the randomness of the prints really adds to the overall finish of the Tea Towel (It’s also good for those who can keep in straight lines)! I found it a really easy & fun way to print, the only tricky bit was fitting the last few prints in as you quickly run out of space, but you really don’t need to plan your prints or anything, just keep changing the angle you print at!


Susy Jack Tea Towels


Printed a few new funky Tote Bags… 

Block Printed Tote Bag

Block Printed Pineapple Tote Bag


Tote Bags are a fantastic gift to print for someone, personalise with different colours & designs

Hand Printed Tote Bag

Hand Printed Pineapple Tote Bag


Strawberry Wrapping Paper

Hand printed Strawberry wrapping paper, such a funky way to wrap up a special present! All of the blocks on this set would make fantastic alternative wrapping paper & Cards!

Here are a couple of other Tea Towels we printed using the Funky Fruits Set!

Hand Block Printed Tea Towel


Fruity Tea Towel

Please click here to head to the product page and see more specific details about the printing set & sizes of each design!

Block Craft Printing Project- Print your own set of Napkins

Posted on May 27, 2016 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Set of Paisley Block Printed Cotton Napkins

Our Indian Block Craft Printing Project this fortnight is hand printing your own set of Napkins!

Just click on the video to watch or head to our youtube channel to see this video and others!

Arty Crafty Youtube Channel:

What equipment you will need:

Don’t forget you don’t need to follow us, you can use whatever colours and printing blocks suit you! We have a deal currently running, 4 fabric paints for £10.00 which is perfect for this project!

Indian Block Printed Napkins Knife Fork Spoon Cutlery

   Indian Block Printed Napkins Knife Fork Spoon Cutlery

Indian Block Printed Napkins Paisley Design

Indian Block Printed Napkins Paisley Design

Indian Block Printed Napkins Knife Fork Spoon Cutlery

Indian Block Printed Napkins Knife Fork Spoon Cutlery