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Easter Printing Projects

Easter Block Printing Projects

A couple of really easy, fun creative projects you can do this Easter! Great fun for all ages & abilities of Block Printing! Projects are all adaptable to suit the Blocks & Paints you have at home.

Easter Printing Projects Easter Printing Projects products-used

Indian Wooden Printing Blocks

Chicken Block Set £22.50

Indian Block Printing Set- Hare's and Seed Heads

Hare’s and Seed Heads Printing Set £37.50

Indian Block Printing Set - Meadow Scene

Meadow Scene Block Printing Set £38.50

Pack of 5 Organic Cotton Tea Towels

Pack of 5 Blank Tea Towels

Fabric Paints for Block Printing

Fabric Paints 3 for £10.00

Pack of 5 White Cards with Envelopes

Pack of 5 White Cards with Envelopes £1.00