Seeds, Trees & Leaves Block Printing Workshop Hire Kit


Run your own Indian Block Printing Workshop with one of our Hire Kits. Perfect for Birthday Parties, Craft Groups, WI’s, Schools, Brownies, Guides…the possibilities are endless!

This kit contains all the equipment need to run a workshop for up to 15 people, with a selection of over 50 blocks to choose from, please scroll down to read all the information …

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Block Printed Fabric Gift Bag (£1.00)

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Block Printed Fabric Gift Bag (£1.00)

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Our Indian wooden block printing workshop kit allows you and your friends to enjoy the wonders of Block Craft without the expense of buying everything! We now have available for you to hire, several different sets of wooden printing blocks, these kits make a fab activity for a Birthday party, Hen party, Craft group, WI evening or just a creative session for yourself & friends!

The Seed Heads, Trees & Leaves Block Printing kit will contain a mixture of blocks similar to the ones shown in the picture above. The amount of blocks can vary depending on your group size and what we have available but we aim to send you between 50-70 blocks (so a huge selection!) We are also very flexible on what blocks are included in your Workshop Kit, so if you have any requests please let us know. The kit supplies enough equipment for 15 people

Your Hire Kit will include:

  • Selection of Printing Blocks (50-70 different designs)
  • All Printing Equipment needed:                                                                                                                                        Paint Trays, Sponges for paint, Rags (to clean the blocks with) Foam printing mats.
  • 3 x Bottles of Fabric paint (your choice of colours)
  • Instruction leaflets
  • Practice Fabric for each guest
  • Samples

The Hire Kit costs £75.00- The breakdown being £55.00 for the actual equipment hire and £20.00 for delivery and collection costs with our courier. This works out at £5.00 per person, if you require the Hire Kit for a larger group there will be an additional cost of £2.00 per person this covers the additional equipment needed.

The kit does not contain any materials to print onto, you can provide your own or choose from our selection of blank fabric items from our ‘Block Craft Blanks’ page. Please click here to see the different options to choose from!  Our suggestion for a workshop activity would be to print either a Tea Towel or Tote Bag, which we can provide at £2.50 each.

Additional Fabric Paint Colours can be hired for £3.50 each, you will be sent a 500ml bottle which we expect you to use 1/4 of, the paint goes a long way and we always ensure we send you plenty so you wont run out! If more is used you may be charge an extra few pounds to cover the paint cost.. If your running a workshop for a large group we can help advise on the amount of paint you will require, we suggest for a workshop 4-6 colours is an ideal amount

This workshop kits will require a £100 deposit on top of the price of the kit, payment for the kit and deposit are taken the day we dispatch your workshop kit- This is just to ensure the safe return of the kit and that all the equipment is returned. Once the kit has been returned the deposit will be immediately refunded.

Delivery & Collection

The Hire Kit is for a one time use, if you want to use the kit several times during the period you have it this can be arranged, just let us know so we can advise you on how much paint you will need. We expect you to have the kit for about a week in total, we arrange delivery several days in advance of your workshop date in case there is any issues with the delivery of the parcel, it is a large box and it’s best if there is someone around to sign for it. After your workshop we then allow a few days for you to pack away the kit and wash any painty equipment so would suggest picking up the kit 2-3 days after your workshop. We work with a company called UK Mail who will be the couriers who will deliver and collect your parcel, you just have to tape the box back up and the courier will provide all the shipping labels.

We suggest you call us on 01869 349020 to book a hire kit so we can check availability for you, and talk though all your requirements. We suggest booking a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to your workshop date, but if you require one more urgently please don’t hesitate to call us and we can help.


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