Foam Printing Mats


A Foam Printing Mat is an essential piece of equipment when you are using wooden Printing Blocks, you must always print onto a soft surface to ensure you get good contact between your block and printing materials resulting in clear prints.

Our high density foam mats come in various sizes to suit your printing needs, please scroll down for more information…



A foam printing mat is one of the most important pieces of equipment when you are Block Printing, it’s essential to always printing onto a soft surface, never straight onto a hard surface such as a table.

Place your foam mat under the fabric or paper you are printing onto, so when you push down on your block you get a good contact between your fabric/paper and your printing block, resulting in clear prints!

Our high density printing mats come in a variety of sizes to suit your printing needs, we will outline below how we suggest using the different sizes

(please be aware A3 Printing Mat & Large Printing Mat are only available on next day shipping £7.00 due to the large size they can not be sent by standard post)

  • Mini Printing Mat (21 x 14.5cm) Suitable for mini printing kits or for printing small items such drawstring bags, zip purses
  • a4 Printing Mat (29.5 x 21cm) Good size for beginners (same as included in Starter Kit) suitable for all items
  • Square Printing Mat (30 x 30cm) Good size for printing all items
  • a3 Foam Mat (30 x 40cm) Great for Tote Bag printing/ Tea Towels
  • Large Printing Mat (43 x 43cm) Fits inside cushion cover, best size for block printing all items and large pieces of fabric


Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Foam Printing Mat

Large Printing Mat (43 x 43cm), a3 Printing Mat (30 x 40cm), Square Printing Mat (30 x 30cm), a4 Printing Mat (29.5 x 21cm), Mini Printing Mat (21 x 14.5cm)


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