250ml Silver Fabric Paint


250ml bottle of Metallic Silver Fabric Paint,

Product is suitable for use on Fabric & Paper, requires heat setting to make permanent and washable.

Colour works best when used on white or light coloured fabrics.

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250ml bottle of Silver Fabric paint,

Colour works best on White or light Coloured Fabrics, suitable for use on most fabrics such as Cotton, Calico, Silk, Linen, Polycotton ect.

Paint is suitable for use on a wide range of Fabrics and Paper. When used on paper the product can be left until dry, no aftercare is required. When using paint onto Fabric you must heat set your item to make permanent and washable. Paint requires heat setting with a hot iron (as hot as the fabric can handle) iron directly onto the PRINT SIDE of the fabric for 5-10 minutes to ensure fabric paint is set. If you don’t have an iron, you can tumble dry for 20 minutes but direct heat from an iron is best and reduces chances of fading when washing. Once set your fabric is then washable at 40 degrees or under, this can then be washed with your other clothes as there is no risk of

Also available in a 50ml pot