Dark Rose Fabric Paint


A 50ml pot of Block Craft Fabric Paint to be used on light fabrics, once dry to make permanent and washable paint requires heat setting,

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Block Craft Fabric Paint- Dark Rose

A 50ml pot of Fabric Paint which can be used on all Fabrics as well as Paper & Card. Paint is suitable for light fabrics.

Our fabric paint requires heat to set paint and make permanent and washable. To set you can either iron or tumble dry your fabric. If ironing, iron straight on top of the fabric (nothing in between the fabric and iron) with a DRY iron (no steam), as hot as the fabric will allow. Iron for a few minutes making sure each print gets hot, then iron once over on front and back.

To tumble dry put your printed fabric in a tumble dryer on a hot setting for 15 mins. This will set your paint and allow for washing

We suggest to wash all printed fabric at 40 degrees or lower to ensure the colour is long lasting and doesn’t fade.

If printing on paper/ card you are not required to set the paint in any way, just leave to dry.

Paint can be used for Printing & Painting

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Weight 100 kg


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