Indian Wooden Printing Block- Tall Leaf Large


A hand carved Indian wooden printing block, use to print your own Fabric, Paper & Cards! Learn how easy Block Printing is and join our creative world of Block Craft!

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A hand carved Indian wooden printing block, designed by ourselves and then carved by hand on Fairtrade villages outside of Jaipur, India. The wood used is called Sheesham, which is a sustainable Indian hardwood- once carved the block is then soaked in Mustard oil for several days to harden the wood!

You can use your Indian printing block for printing onto all types of Fabric (natural & un-natural) Paper, Card and even Clay! We have found that wooden blocks work best when used with a paint which is applied with a sponge- Fabric Paint, Acrylic and Poster Paints all work fantastically, but they can also be used with most Inks & Dyes.

When using wooden blocks its really important to always have something soft underneath what you are printing (regardless of what material you are printing) we suggest using a Foam Printing Matt, this will ensure you get a good print each time! Once you have finished printing just wash the block with warm soapy water to remove all the paint, and then dry well with cloth!

Size:6 x 10 cm

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Weight 100 kg


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