Natural Indigo Dyeing Kit


Hand dye your own fabric using our Natural Indigo Dyeing Kit, use Shibori Techniques to create unique patterns onto your fabric.

Kit comes with all the equipment you need along with detailed instructions! Scroll down for more details…

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Block Printed Fabric Gift Bag (£1.00)

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Block Printed Fabric Gift Bag (£1.00)

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This kit makes dyeing with Natural Indigo quick & easy! Our Indigo kit contains everything you need to hand dye up to 3kg of Fabric using pre-reduced Indigo.
The Kit comes with all the instructions on how to make a 4-gallon dye vat, but you can break the recipe down and make several smaller vats. Once you’ve followed the instructions on how to make the vat, you soak your prepared fabric in the dye solution for several minutes. When you remove your fabric from the dye vat it will come out green, but as it oxidizes the colour will change from green to blue! To create a deep colour blue, we suggest dipping your fabric in the dye bath again a minimum of 2 times to darken the fabric.

The kit contains all the ingredients you need to make your Indigo Dye Vat, PH test strips, mask, rubber gloves, elastic bands, wooden pegs, string, fabric clip and full instructions on how to make your Indigo Vat, How to Dye your Fabric and Shibori Dye Techniques

Shibori is a type of tie resist, it involves folding/binding/ tying your fabric in a way to create a resist so the dye your using can’t penetrate the fabric. This is a very popular when dyeing with Indigo you create the clear white designs on the blue background. In this kit you receive instructions on several different Shibori techniques along with the equipment needed to produce the design