Decopatch Paper 472


A sheet of Decopatch Paper which can be used to cover and decorate almost any item/ object. Transform old and new items with these beautiful decorative papers!

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Decopatch Paper- 472

Paper Size: 30 x 40 cm

Decopatch Paper is a specially formulated paper which can be used to Decoupage/ cover objects giving them a whole new lease of life, allowing you to create unique effects with your choice of coloured papers! This extremely thin, patterned paper is designed for fitting sharp corners effortlessly and can be used to cover nearly any surface such as Paper Mache, Glass, Metal, Wood, Stone & even Plastic! When using Decopatch Paper it is important to use the correct Glue, there is a specially designed Decopatch Glossy Glue which contains a varnish, ensuring your paper is sealed down onto your item making it durable. You can also use similar glues such as ModPodge

How to use Decopatch Paper

To use the paper you simply want to tear or cut the paper into smaller more manageable pieces (Using big pieces of Decopatch Paper can cause air bubbles to form under the paper. We suggest stamp size pieces for small items and 1.5 inch pieces for bigger objects!) Gently apply a layer of Glue to the item you are decorating with a brush, apply the paper onto the item and then use your brush to gently flatten it out, this will also apply glue to the top of the paper, sealing it down. Continue this, slightly overlapping each piece of paper so you can’t see the item underneath.

(Adding glue to the underneath and top of your Decopatch Paper is very important as you are sealing the paper between the 2 layers of Glue and Varnish, which once dry will leave you will a varnished glossy finish)

Once finished leave your item to dry for several hours till no longer tacky and glue has dried clear, items that you want to use regularly such as Chairs and Coaster you can apply several layers of Decopatch Varnish to your item, this will strengthen the paper making it perfect for everyday use, this can also be used on items going outside such as plant pots to make them waterproof. There are several varnishes available such as ‘Matt Finish’ and ‘Satin Gloss’ to give you different effects with your finished items.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Brand of Paper

All Papers, Official Decopatch Papers

Paper Colour

Floral, Yellow and Orange


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