Extra Small Stegosaurus Decopatch Kit


Extra Small Stegosaurus Decopatch Kit,

All our Decopatch kits contain everything you will need to decorate your chosen item, in the colours you want! In this Decopatch Kit you will receive The Item, Instructions, Glue, Brush & a selection of Decopatch Paper.

You can choose which colour papers you will receive in the kit by selecting from the drop down menu, we always ensure our kits have plenty of Glue & Paper in them, so you may even have some left over to decorate something else after!

This Decopatch kit makes a perfect present or activity for someone creative!

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Extra Small Stegosaurus Decopatch Kit

Size Approx: 6cm x 18cm x 8cm

This Decopatch Kit includes: Instructions, Item to decorate, Decopatch Glue, Brush & a selection of Decopatch Papers

This product can also be purchased as ‘item only’ from the extra small animal category on our website

How To Decopatch an Extra Small Animal

To decorate your item you will need:

-Object to decorate    -Decopatch/ Decoupage Paper      -Brush     -Decopatch Glue

To start get your paper ready, tear or cut the paper into smaller pieces, for an extra small animal we suggest cutting your Decopatch Paper into stamp size pieces so they will easily fold around any fiddly bits on your item.

Dip your brush into the glue and gently apply a layer of glue onto your item, place the paper on top of the glue and then use your brush to gently flatten it out, this will also apply glue to the top of the paper, sealing it down. Continue this, slightly overlapping each piece of paper so you can’t see the item underneath.

(Adding glue to the underneath and top of your Decopatch Paper is very important as you are sealing the paper between the 2 layers of Glue and Varnish, which once dry will leave you will a varnished glossy finish)

Once finished leave your item to dry for several hours till no longer tacky and glue has dried clear!

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