Fri 15th July- Online Workshop: Patterned Tile Cushions


During this Online Workshop you will learn how to use our Patterned Tile Printing Blocks to print a 2 or 3 colour repeating pattern! We will be showing you how to use these Tile designs to print patterned Cushion Covers, but the techniques we will share with you can be used on any item you wish to print. We’ll talk through spacing, lining up your print and how to apply multiple colours.

You can join the workshop live and print alongside your host’s Tess & Holly, ask any questions you have along the way or if you are unable to join in live you will receive the video recording via email once the workshop has ended.

For this workshop we will be using our a mixture of designs and colours, please see the equipment and materials list in the description below. Scroll down for more details…

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Online Block Printing Workshop Friday 15th July: Patterned Cushion Covers

Live Workshop Time: 10:30am Friday 15th July/ Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

*Workshop recording will be sent once live workshop has ended*

Join Tess & Holly for an online workshop, and hand print your own colourful Patterned Tile Cushion Cover. During the Workshop you will be shown how to use a Patterned Tile Printing Blocks with multiple colours to print a repeating pattern. The workshop will cover working out spacing, how to correctly apply multiple colours and other helpful tips

This workshop is most suited for those who have had a go at Indian Block Printing before so we suggest if you haven’t printed before to watch our ‘How to Block Print’ videos and have a play around at home first.

You can join the workshop live at 10:30am on Friday 15th July and ask questions during the workshop and get help with any areas you might be struggling with, If you cannot make the live session, a copy of the workshop will be sent to you afterwards to watch at home when coinvent.

Materials & Equipment

For this online workshop a good kit to use would be our ‘Moroccan Tile Cushion Cover Kit £33.50‘ which contains all the materials you will need for this workshop. If you do not wish to purchase the kit please see the materials list below and purchase separately

Please check what materials/ equipment comes in the printing kit, and source any other materials you will need.

Once you have booked your workshop space, we will send you a full list of the materials that we will be using allowing you time to order anything should you need to.


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