Fri 9th Sep- Traditional ‘Taste of India’ Printing


Our ‘Taste of India’ workshops were created to give you the chance to experience a more traditional & advanced style of Printing, a step up from our other printing workshops. We want our guests to experience the same joy we get from this ancient printing process, our love and passion for Block Printing comes from our own experiences printing in Jaipur alongside Artisans whose families have been printing for generations and in this workshop we will share with you our experience’s and give you a chance to learn this ancient form of Indian Block Printing from our Oxfordshire studio.

*Most suitable for those who are already confident with Block Printing*

Our traditional workshops are hosted by Tess, she will teach you how to print with large, detailed, multi colour, handled Printing Blocks and practice various techniques to print a range of Fabric & Paper items, you will also print a large piece of Fabric during the workshop such as a Table Runner, Towel, Cushion Cover, Scarf or Wall Hanging.

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Friday 9th September- Traditional ‘Taste of India’ Printing Workshop

10am – 4:30pm The Studio, Middle Aston, Bicester OX25 5PP

This workshop will teach you how to print using a variety of large handled traditional Rajasthani wood blocks, explore our huge collection of multi coloured prints, repeat patterns, decorative boarders and geometric designs. We have been collecting our traditional printing blocks for several years now, many donated to us by families of printers in Jaipur and Bagru, others have been designs by ourselves inspired by our trips to India and hand carved for us by the Artisans in Jaipur. We hold a mixture of contemporary and traditional patterns for you to try.

During the morning you will learn techniques required to print with these larger blocks, testing out a mixture of designs and colours, getting a feel for the designs and confident with your printing onto Fabric and Paper creating a collection of sample pieces. In the afternoon you will print a larger piece of Fabric such as a Table Runner, Towel, Scarf or a length of fabric which we can make into a Lampshade, Cushion Cover or Wall Hanging.

All materials required are included in the price of the workshop including your final length of fabric, Tea, Coffee, Chai and Cake is also provided. Please bring a packed lunch with you. After booking you will receive an email confirmation and 2 weeks prior to the workshop we will send you details of the day and how to reach us.

A bit more info on Hand Block Prints..

Hand Block Printing is one of the most famous traditional Arts of Rajasthan, India. It was here when hand-block printed fabric reached its highest visual expression. Indians held expertise in the secrets of Natural Dyes and Mud resist printing (dabu) that other countries could not compete with. Block Printing has adapted over the last 2000 years and is now a very sought-after product in the 21st Century.

Hand Block Printed fabric is easily recognisable and can be found around the world. The detail, beauty and skill behind the finished product is what makes it so unique and desirable. Wooden printing blocks themselves have adapted through the years, the designs we sell are small wooden blocks making them easy and accessible for everyone to use, whereas traditional printing blocks still used in Rajasthan today are large heavy pieces of wood with a handle attached, always in beautiful intricate patterns!


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