Indian Block Printing Scarf Kit- Red Peacock LAST ONE


Learn how to Indian Block Print using our fabulous Scarf Printing Kit! Join the wonderful & creative world of Block Craft!

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Indian Block Printing Scarf Kit

Block Craft presents to you our fabulous Indian Block Printing Scarf kit, this wonderful kit is packaged in a strong cardboard tube which contains everything you need to hand print your own Dupatta (which is the Indian word for Scarf)!

The scarf you receive in the kit is a beautiful large white cotton scarf, which is dip dyed Red at the ends and completed with little Red Pompoms,

You will also receive in the tube a pot of Red fabric paint, Complete instruction booklet and a hand carved Indian wooden Peacock printing block.

This kit makes a brilliant gift, or just to take home to do for yourself! Once the scarf has been printed you will still have the printing block which you can print even more fabric with!

Blank Scarf Size: 107 cm x 220 cm

Printing Block Size: 4 x 5 cm

Peacock Printing Scarf Kit

Peacock Printing Scarf Kit