About Indian Block Printing

  1. How To Block Print: The first video to watch when starting your Block Printing journey! Tess shows you the basic equipment you need when Block Printing, how to apply paint and basic printing techniques.

2.   Applying The Correct Pressure: As you start to practice with different designs, Tess shows you in this video what to watch out for and how to get the best prints possible.

3. Multi Colour Printing: As you start to advance with your Block Printing you can start using multiple colours on your Printing Block to increase the detail of your prints. Tess shows you how to apply multiple colours and get good results using Sponge Dabbers!

4. Washing Your Equipment: In this quick video Tess show’s you how you should be washing your Printing Equipment and Printing Blocks. It’s really important to look after your materials to ensure they last forever, Tess also shares a couple of paint saving tips!