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Featured Block- Large Seed Head Repeat

Indian Wooden Printing Block- Large Seed Head Repeat

Our 2nd featured Indian Wooden Printing Block this May is our Large Seed Head Repeat Design!

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This is another really popular design, especially once customers have seen how it looks printed.  Sometimes it  is not enough to see a photograph of the printing block online or at a show amongst all the other designs  but once people have seen what it looks like printed, they have to have it!!  If you have seen us at various shows you may have seen our Cushion Cover sample which is printed with the Seed Head Repeat! Doesn’t it look FABULOUS!

Hand Block Printed Cushion Cover

Hand carved Indian Wooden Block Printed Cushion Cover- Seedhead Repeat

Hand Printed Seed Head Cushion Cover

We have just printed onto one of our Natural Blank Cushion Covers which we sell for £5.00, they are fantastic quality with a zip closure.  You could also just print onto any old cushion covers  that could do with a new lease of life!

Something a bit different!

At WI Centennial Fair last year we met the lovely Jenniffer Taylor who was a contestant on the Great British Sewing Bee, she was amazing and made it to week 5!! I’m sure much to Jenniffer’s disappointment she was beaten by a pair of velvet trousers!! Since then she has started the Sewing Revolution, and is currently running workshops in and around the midlands based around upcycling and encouraging people to sew!  Jenniffer was attending an event in London, to which she had to make her own dress, and it turns out she used our Large Seed Head Printing Block and printed part of her fantastic dress!

Please click here to read Jennifer’s full Blog post, and learn more about how she made this fantastic block printed dress!


Hand Block Printed Fabric

Block Printed Scarf

Block Craft- Hand Block Printed Scarf
Indian Block Printed Fabric using Seed Head design

Indian Block Printed Fabric


Hand Block Printed Scarf using Indian Printing Blocks


Another item which we had a lot of fun printing onto was one of our White Blank Scarves  these are also £5.00, and print beautifully! Again printing as a repeat design looks fantastic, and also if you make any little mistakes you just don’t notice once you have finished! I used our Fabric Paint in Duck-Egg Blue, I only used half a 60ml pot!


Indian Block Printed Tea Towels

Lovely Block Printed Tea Towels using our 100% Cotton Blank Tea Towels, you can find these for sale under Block Craft Blanks for £2.50 each or 5 for £10.00

Hand Block Printed Fabric Tea Towel

Seed Head Repeat Tea Towel Using Aubergine Fabric Paint

Indian Wooden Block Printing- Block Craft


Indian Block Printed Fabric Tea Towel

Block Printed Seed Head Tea Towel In Mustard Fabric Paint


Hand Printed Cards

  You don’t just have to print onto Fabric, the design also looks fantastic printed onto card, and even wrapping paper!


This is a fantastic printing block, which can be used in so many different ways! Dont forget, you can purchase for the next 2 weeks for only £11.50!