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Ideas For Mother’s Day

Why not create something really special this Mother’s Day, and block print something that will be kept forever! It doesn’t just have to be just for your own mum, why not share the love this Mother’s Day and make something wonderful for your Grandma’s, Sister’s, Auntie’s, Step-Mum or for a friend who is just a wonderful Mum!!

Beautiful florals & colourful leaves have been our theme for this Mother’s Day and we are loving the mix of colours & designs

Block Printed Mothers Day Cards

It’s the perfect time to let the important women in our lives know how much we love and appreciate them, because it’s easy to forget to tell them… and the perfect excuse to do some beautiful Block Printing!

This style of printing really is really very fun and requires no skill, it’s easy enough for everyone to have a go at and we have plenty of tips to help you along the way! We’ve been busy printing Napkins, Cards & Tea Towels hoping to inspire each of you beautiful crafters to get your paint out and start printing!












Want to learn more about how we created these fabulous Block Printed items? Keep reading and we will walk you through each step


What you will need:                                                       

  • Foam Printing Matt
  • Paint Tray
  • Fabric Paint & Sponges
  • Material & Paper to print on
  • Mixture of Printing Blocks




Choosing Paint Colours…

Firstly, we wanted to find a mix of lovely spring colours, pastel tones but also wanted bright colours to make the printing really pop! So, we played around for a while and decided on a mix of 8 colours. Throughout the various printing we did we may only use a couple of colours at a time, you don’t have to use them all together! But having a good mix of colours really helps when your printing with an assortment of designs!


This mix of 8 colours is a complete set called ‘Spring Colours’ which you can now purchase for £20.00 (find this set under Fabric Paints or by CLICKING HERE)



Choosing Printing Blocks


For this Mother’s Day we wanted a nice mix of Flowers & Leaves, but you could use any designs you have at home, Seed Heads would also be pretty with this style of printing! You can use as many or as few blocks as you have / want to use, sometimes is nice to have a big mixture of designs but this can give your block printed item a very ‘busy’ look … so you can keep it a bit cleaner by using fewer designs!

You’ll see in the printing below we have tried out a few different styles, one uses quite a few designs, whereas another uses less- so don’t worry if you only have a couple of printing blocks you don’t need to suddenly purchase loads more

(but we don’t mind if you do!)


Playing with different patterns & styles

We always like to play around practicing designs first on scrap fabric (you can always embroider this fabric after or cut the prints out and stick them onto card!) Find yourself any old fabric or even cheap paper so you can have a play and see what designs & colours you like!


First design we tried was one using lots of printing blocks & different colours, you can see a few step by step photos of how we built up this design.


With this style of printing we find it best to start from one corner, and build the pattern up from there, filling in any spaces with smaller blocks and trying not to put the same colour too close together! It can take a while because you keep swapping blocks and changing colours, but it gives you such a fabulous over-all look we don’t really mind!


Here is something a bit simpler only using 4 blocks and 3 colours! First start by printing the biggest block several times, and then you fill in the gaps with the smaller blocks. You can see below how the pattern builds up!



Now this is a design we stole from a customer of ours as we loved it SO much! A lovely lady printed a jug full of flowers on one of our workshops and we fell in love with the idea! You can see a couple of variations of the design below, some using several different flowers & leaves to build up the design, and one piece just using one flower and a couple of colours! It’s such a clever idea and easy to do, we think children would love to print this design as you can make it as crazy and as colourful as you want!



Here’s a few step by step photos to show you how we built up the design using lots of assorted colours and blocks! It would be a lovely design to print onto some good quality card and frame to have on display!


Printing the design onto Cards & Envelopes

Oh my Gosh! Just look at these cards! Don’t they look fabulous….



We don’t sell plain white cards, so I took a quick trip to a local craft and brought a pack of 50 plain white cards & envelopes! With the colours that we are using here I thought they would show up much better on white paper than on brown, but if you’re using darker colours brown or coloured cards would be perfect!



Have a go printing your design exactly the same but onto your cards, don’t forget to print the envelopes too as they look so much more interesting!




We are so happy with the finished cards, we just want to print them for everyone! It’s a fabulous design using an assortment of designs and colours which all work well together, and not just for Mother’s Day, these would make lovely Birthday & Thank You cards!

Adding Text..

It’s really lovely to print something for someone special this Mother’s Day but why not make your item even more special buy personalising it with text? We have a new smaller Alphabet set in stock which is £35.00 which is what we have used on the cards and fabric (you can find this and our larger alphabet set available to purchase in the ‘Alphabet & Text Blocks’ category on the ‘Wooden Printing Blocks’ homepage)


We did try something a little different which we hadn’t done before… a bit of brush lettering! Which we really enjoyed and loved the results! So, if you don’t have an alphabet set why not find a paint brush and paint your wording on! We had a practice first and then wrote the text onto the fabric first with pencil which I just went over with the paint! It’s quite hard to get perfect so it’s a bit more of a rustic look but we really like that!


Bringing Everything Together…

Here are our finished items for and we LOVE them! Hope you’ve been inspired to make something this Mother’s Day or given you ideas for your next Block Printing Project

Block Printed Mothers Day Cards