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Printing Drawstring Bags

Hand Block Print Your Own Fabric Gift Bags

Looking for something to Block Print? Why not try hand printing your own Drawstring Bags! We have a range of 5 different size blank Calico Drawstring bags available to purchase on our website under ‘Block Craft Fabric Blanks’. There’re so many ways you can use and print these bags, we wanted to show you just a few of the ideas we had…

Personalised Large Drawstring Bags

Personalised Indian Block Printed Fabric Wash Bags

For these personalised block printed bags we used the Large 26x35cm Drawstring Bag which is a great size to be used as a Toy Bag, Small Clothes bag or the perfect Shoe Bag! Making great presents for Children as you can personalise with a name, funky pattern and favourite colours!

These would also make great present for adults, make them a bit more grown up by swapping the design for something more detailed. Drawstring bags make great storage bags, I’ve been thinking about making one for a friend as a knitting bag! Or make yourself one to keep all your Indian Printing Blocks in!

We also sell an Extra-Large Drawstring Bag which would make a great Laundry Bag!


Jewelry or Keepsake Gift Bags

Perfect bag for a little present or to keep your special Jewellery in. These look great with just one print in the middle, and you can even personalise with a letter in the corner to make it that extra bit special!


 Medium Drawstring Bags

This is one of our favourite drawstring bag samples that we did, the medium Detailed Bee block printed in Glorious Gold SoSoft fabric paint looks fabulous! It’s such a popular design we knew this would be a really popular way to use it, who wouldn’t love a beautiful bee bag!


Another idea for the Medium Drawstring bag is to use it as a wash/ make-up bag. If printed with fabric paint it can be washed whenever you want, so you don’t need to worry about it getting a little dirty. On this Jellyfish wash bag, we printed with two colours which were Brilliant Blue and Duck-Egg Blue Fabric paint, love the mixing of the two colours! Great to make for yourself or as a present!

Hand printed Jellyfish Washbag


Christmas Bags

Lots of ideas on how to use block printed Drawstring bags this Christmas, here in the office we always make each other a handmade gift and these would make great bags to put all those little present’s in! A great use of our largest size drawstring bag would be to print your family a Christmas Stocking each, you could even personalise with their name!


Small Drawstring Bag

More lovely block printed bags this time onto the Small Drawstring bag!

These could also look really lovely with hand embroidery over the top to embellish the prints a little, and add a bit of extra detail. Great size to package a small present in or to use as a small storage bag.











*PRINTERS TIP* – If your foam mat is too big to put inside the drawstring bag make sure you put a piece of paper or card inside the opening so the paint doesn’t go through to the other side, but still keep the mat underneath you so you’re still printing onto a soft surface!

We hope this has inspired you to try printing your own Drawstring bags, you can find the full range of sizes available to purchase under ‘Block Craft Fabric Blanks’ along with lots of other ready made fabric items for you to Block Print.

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