Scrapbooking and Memory Making

Introducing the fabulous range of  ♥ La ♥ De ♥ Dah ♥ Journals, for all things worth keeping…

The ♥ La ♥ De ♥ Dah ♥ range is a new fun & exciting way to scrapbook all your everyday keepsakes, and your precious memories all in one colourful, bright, exciting journal book. Now you can start scrapbooking your art journal in a fun, free & creative way.

Each journal contains 42 printed pages, along with 4 slip-in photo pocket pages ~ There are 6 different style journals to select from to match your own personality.

There are no rules, you are completely free to make it totally your own, along with our beautiful range of essential extras for your journal such as sticky notes, writing pads and funky paper clips ♥ We also have refil pages so you can keep on going so you never have to run out of space….

Each journal comes with its own 2 in 1 Glue stick & Ink pen

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