How To Decopatch / Decoupage


What’s the difference between Decopatch & Decoupage?

Lots of people get muddled up with decopatch and decoupage- but don’t worry- essentially they are the same thing- ‘Decoupage’ is the process of sticking and covering an item, where as ‘decopatch’ is a brand of decoupage paper and items, so if you see decoupage paper, its the same paper as decopatch paper- so you can decopatch or decoupage anything you like! The process is the same with whatever paper your using-

It is important though that you do use the specially made Decoupaging paper, nothing works anywhere like this paper, its super thin, flexible but also hard wearing, and its important you use a glue which contains a varnish, this means you dont have to varnish any of your items once your done, because the glue already does that for you!

All you need to decoupage is:

  • the object you’re going to cover,
  • Decopatch paperpatch glossy glue & varnish  (very important to use a glue which contains a varnish)
  • Selection of decopatch or decoupage papers.
  • A Brush

Follow our easy step by step guide below and before you know it you’ll be Decoupage mad, also check out our videos of ‘How to’ for some more information & ideas…

how to decopatch- what is decopatch?

How to Decoupage? What is Decoupage?

A fantastic way to start your venture into the decoupage world is it purchase any item you want, in a complete kit- This means it will come with a full list of instructions, the item, plenty of glue ,paper & a brush! Everything you need to get started, or our kits make amazing presents! Also starter kits are a good way to start if you already have something at home you can decorate!

Please email or give us a call if you would like any help or more information!

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