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Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

Sea Life & Nautical Printed Fabrics

A variety of Block Printed creations, using a mixture of designs from our Sea Life & Nautical collection! Our online tutorial video can be found at the bottom of the page and works through a variety of techniques we used to print the samples below!

Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

At first, we wondered whether Seaside Tea Towels would work, but we think they are wonderfully cheery and perfect for brightening up the Kitchen!

A Tea Towel like these should be in every Beach Hut or house by the coast, don’t you think!?

The Tea Towel on the left was printed using our ‘Sea life Block Printing Set’ and our set of Sea Life Fabric Paints, in a totally random design. The Tea Towel on the right was printed using just 5 designs from our Sea Life & Nautical Range in Duck Egg, Mustard, Primary Blue and Red Fabric paint, this was printed by layering/ printing the different designs on top of each other.

You can learn both techniques by watching our ‘Online Project Tutorial Video’ below…

Border & Octopus Tea Towel

A popular sample of ours at shows has been using the Octopus design to create a repeat pattern, as the block is square it works perfectly for this. We thought we would try something a little different and add a border to the Tea Towel designs, here’s a step by step showing you how we created the design above!

Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

First, we used a small Dot block to make a border all around the Tea Towel, then again with the Small Shell design, creating the two-print border. Then in the middle of the Tea Towel we repeat printed the Octopus block until the entire middle was filled in! Fun to use small designs to create a border!


Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

If you don’t have any plain Cushion Covers at home, another great option is Pillowcases! We all seem to have spare of those in the cupboard we don’t use, it’s great fun for children to print their own pillowcase which they can use on their bed if printed in a fabric paint!

Sea Life & Nautical Printing Projects

If you don’t have any plain pillowcases we picked up a pack of 2 from Tesco’s for £4.00


A couple of important things to remember when printing Cushions or Pillowcases always iron them first to remove any creases as these can cause you problems when printing, and put a piece of paper in between the two layers of fabric so no paint leaks through to the other side!

We wanted to create an underwater theme and thought our ‘Maxi Bag’ would be great for this! We used the blocks to create an underwate scene, using a large variety of colours and designs with a layering technique at the bottom.

Printed using our ‘Sealife Block Printing Set £113.20’ and set of ‘Sea Life’ Fabric Paints £25.00