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New Deco Mache Papers Project Ideas & Tutorial

Posted on July 7, 2015 by - Decopatch & Decoupage

Deco Mache Decoupage Paper Tutorial

Crafting with Deco Mache Decoupage Papers

How about using Deco Maché decoupage papers to breathe new life into your much loved objects, jazz up some of your old junk or use the stunning papers to make someone a personalised gift. Deco Mache papers work in the exact same way as all our other Decopatch and Decoupage papers, they are just made in a slightly different way- but the range is huge and full of the most beautiful designs you just can’t find anywhere else, these papers can also be used on ANY surface- In a pack of Deco Mache you will receive 3 sheets, so plenty of your chosen design to create wonderful items!

Crafting with Deco Maché is fun and simple to do, here is our how-to guide

Deco Mache Decoupage Paper Tutorial

Deco Mache Paper Decoupage Tutorial


What you will need

Deco mache paper decoupage tutorial

Decoupaging with Deco Mache Papers


1. To get started lay out all your materials ready, ensure you use a tablecloth and have an apron on as the glue contains a varnish and will stain!

2. Cut or tear your Deco Mache papers so you dont have to do this with sticky fingers half way through your project (We like to get a little pile ready at the side of us) You want the pieces of paper to be a bit bigger than a stamp size, the bigger the piece of paper the more air bubbles you could get so bear this in mind

3.  Make sure your surface is clean and dry then paint a layer of Decoupage Glue Varnish onto your item

4. Paint a layer of Decoupage Glue Varnish onto your item

5. Pick up a piece of the paper and place on top of the glue, With your brush paint another thin layer of glue over the top of the paper, flattening it down! 

6. Always make sure there is glue underneath and on top of the paper, this will seal it down- Keep on repeating this, slightly overlapping the pieces of paper each time so you can not see the bare material underneath

7. When you get to the edges and corners don’t worry about these, the paper is very flexible but will not rip! Ensure there is glue both sides and place the paper down, use your brush or fingers to smooth the paper down and around any of these edges

8. Keep going until you’re totally finished and leave it somewhere safe to let it dry! The glue is also a varnish, so once dry your item should be smooth and glossy! You can always add an extra layer of a Decoupage varnish over the top, giving it that professional finish!

TIP: You can use different Deco Maché decoupage glues to create a different finish, such as matt, gloss or crackled.

On the gift box we used a mixture of 2 designs, Bright Floral for the outside and a Peach Crackle for the inside but you can use whichever designs stand out for you, You don’t even need to use a mix- the designs are so beautiful your project would look wonderful in just one design!

Have a go yourself and create something BEAUTIFUL! Click here to view the whole range!

Deco mache paper decoupage tutorial

Deco mache paper decoupage tutorial


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Deco Mache Photo Frame and Notebook

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New Deco Mache Decoupage Papers 2015

New Deco Mache Decoupage Papers 2015