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Happy Hares

Posted on May 13, 2016 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

Hand Block Printed Gift Tag

One of our featured blocks this month is our hugely popular ‘Sitting Hare’ wooden printing block!

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We first had the design carved well over a year ago now, and every time we took him out to a show, we sold out- every time without fail, it was total madness! We couldn’t get them carved in India fast enough! (they also kept getting missed of our orders, but that’s just India for you!)

Hares do seem to be massively popular at the moment, everywhere we go we seem to see a beautiful printed card, or fabric with an array of different styled Hares, possible it’s the time of the year, or just what’s currently in fashion. For anyone who’s interested I stumbled across an article about ‘Hare Mythology’ on THE FIELD website, please click here if you would like to take a read of the article, it might shed some light on why we are all so mad about Hares!

Take a look at what we have been printing with this wonderful Indian Block

Hand Block Printed Gift Tag

Hand Block Printed Gift Tag


Printed gift tags are the perfect addition to your hand block printed wrapping paper! The annoying thing is for me, is that I always print my paper, and it looks so fabulous I’m in such a rush to dry the paper and wrap up the gift I forget about printing the tag, Until I have wrapped the present up and think … ‘ well where’s my matching tag???’.  The sitting Hare block only just fitted onto the tag that I was using, so I had to print on a bit of a slant which I don’t mind, but if you had a bigger tag you could print him sitting straight.


Hand printed wrapping paper, using Indian wooden printing blocks

Hand Block Printed Wrapping Paper

Hand printed wrapping paper, using Indian wooden printing blocks

Hand Block Printed Wrapping Paper

Here is some of the wrapping paper I printed when we first ordered the Hare design. For the wrapping paper we always use simple brown paper, I think it may also be called brown package paper, you can find it in the pound shop, or online in big bulk rolls! We can get enough of it, it’s is perfect all year round whether it’s for Birthdays or Christmas, and it suits every occasion! Lots of people we speak to at shows say they already wrap presents in brown paper and string, so why not do some easy Block Printing and bring your brown paper to life! I decided to print in Black and White which really makes the Hare stand out, I was a bit hesitant at first, thought it might be a bit boring, but I think it works really well. When printing paper you can use any paint, I used acrylic paint.

When you start printing make sure you get your first line straight, and then you can follow on from that. As you can see with my printing I have printed the next row of Hares in the gap of the row above, it really doesn’t matter if you go a bit wonky or make a mistake. Remember it’s all hand printed, it’s not meant to be perfect!!

Hand printed wrapping paper using Indian wooden printing blocks

Present wrapped in hand block printed wrapping paper

So once you have printed your paper, you just need to use it to wrap your wonderful gift in it, I always tie up my presents with hessian string, I like the more rustic feel personally. (Don’t forget to add your hand printed tag, which I clearly have in this photo! whoops!)

I think the wrapping paper looks fab, it’s very alternative and striking, it’s also a design which you can use all year round.

Hand printed Tea Towel using Indian wooden printing blocks

Hand printed Tea Towel using Indian wooden printing blocks

Another great way to use the Hare is block printing onto Tea Towels, when printing onto fabric always remember to use a fabric paint so your item is washable! I think it’s a great addition to any kitchen. As I said, Hares are so popular at the moment, what’s the point in buying something when you can print your own!!

If you love Hares as much as we do, and love the idea of block printing with Hares as much as we do, then please keep an eye out as we have new designs coming in shortly, and we have ordered several more styles of Hare!


Posted on May 29, 2015 by - Indian Wooden Block Printing

set of 3 simple flowers- hand carved indian wooden printing blocks


Since it’s been such sunny weather lately, we thought it was only right we got the flowers out, and we have FAB flowers!

We’ve got 2 styles that we just can’t stop printing with! A funky abstract set & a more simple shape flower set-

Both look amazing, especially when you print them onto tea towels in multi colours! These bright colourful tea towels make great presents for friends & family or just to keep for yourself!

All the flowers can be brought individually, or in a set of 4- which is great value for money, and well worth it- as there’s so much you can do with them! These are also fab blocks to use with kids- We can’t wait to do even more printing with these, watch this space as our next project with the flowers will be a curtain!

Click here to view these and other flower printing blocks we have!

hand carved Indian wooden printing blocks flowers

Funky Flowers hand printed onto Tea towel

hand carved Indian wooden printing blocks

Simple flowers set- Indian wooden printing blocks £17.50

Hand carved Indian wooden printing blocks- funky flowers set

Funky flowers set- Indian wooden printing blocks £17.50

Indian wooden printing blocks flowers

Indian wooden printing blocks flowers