What is Wooden Block Printing?

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Block Printing with Hand Carved Indian wooden blocks – Love the idea of block printing for yourself? Looking to buy wooden printing blocks? The Arty Crafty Place specialise in block printing – combining printing techniques, so you can design and print your own fabric and papers. We design, make and sell our own wooden printing blocks, for block printing onto fabric, papers, clay and mixed media art products. Block Printing is an ancient Indian printing technique. Our wooden printing blocks are all handcarved in the traditional Indian method, here in south India.

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We make and sell a wide selection of wooden printing blocks, and can deliver all around the world! Block Printing is an easy, quick, uncomplicated and rewarding method of fabric and paper design. In essence it is remarkably similar to rubber stamping and much better value for money. We design our own printing blocks, which are special and unique to us and not produced by any other company. Feel free to browse our range of hand carved wood blocks alternatively have your own designs turned into your own, unique printing block. We are very proud of our relationship with the carpenters as they use traditional skills and techniques to hand carve our designs. In return, we reward their dedicated craft with excellent prices.

Arts and crafts for all the family – have fun with block printing using hand carved wooden printing blocks from India.


Our range of wooden printing blocks are hand carved in India with traditional and contemporary designs. They are then soaked in olive oil which ensures they are easy to clear, adaptable and durable. Explore our extensive range of wooden printing blocks for sale online. These wooden blocks are the perfect resource for fabric design, block printing and mixed media projects. Block printing lends itself to a range of creative printing techniques – if you browse through our block printing website, you will see lots of creative block printing techniques for you to see how to design your own fabric, papercrafts and a range of other printmaking ideas.